Abelour A’Bunadh – A Review

So with all the talk of Quarter Cask and A’bunadh convincing so many staunch anti-NAS fanatics I felt like I ought to give this at least a try! Had this dram in the lovely Albanch bar on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

Abelour A’bunadh – Batch 47. 60.7% Abv

Nose: ripe fruits, strong alcohol presence, raisins, candyshop sweetness, light honey comb.

Palate: Bright open with wood spice, warm, sweet sherry, demerara sugar, hints of marshmallow (Maeve’s input).

Finish: Sharp lingering spice, wood spice, sweetness, marshmallow again. Medium length.

Score: 82/100.

For a oloroso sherry casking I was pleasantly surprised that the taste wasn’t overpowering. Maybe in my mind the story behind A’bunadh was hyped up quite a bit but my opinions are I’d have it again, probably wouldn’t buy a bottle of it though myself.

TL:DR: A’bunadh was good. Nothing amazing. Over hyped.Abelour

3 thoughts on “Abelour A’Bunadh – A Review

    • I absolutely loved 105 sherry bomb dream. I actually thought that the flavour profile was much better on the 105 then A’bunadh. And Glenfarclas in general gets big ❤ from me. I'm not sure if I had a bad dram or what I'm just not getting the fan fare over this!


  • My experience with A’bunadh has gone from superb to decent.

    It was one of the first cask strength whiskies I tried and the mid- to high 20s batches were – in my memory at least – quite complex and robust. Either the later batches (mid 30s) were not so impressive or my palate preferences shifted.

    I have an unopened 43 batch and thought on any upcoming trip (post other whisky priorities) to grab a more recent batch to contrast and compare.

    The biggest plus point for me remains that this is an affordable cask strength whisky – in these parts even more so than the 105. I’d have to compare the two side by side to decide which ‘wins’ – something entirely possible as both are nestled in the whisky cabinet!


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