The Honeycomb Sour – An all Irish Cocktail

For the weekend that’s in it I thought I’d post my favourite self created all Irish cocktail! So even your drink can be Irish for a day! Whiskey sours are by far my favourite cocktail. So I’m always making them up at home. But I like trying to personalise my cocktails to my tastes. I came across Muldoon Irish Liqueur at Whiskey Live in Dublin last year and I instantly fell in love. Delicious doesn’t do justice to how good it tastes. So an idea sparked: Honeycomb Sour. I dabble between bourbons and Irish whiskey for sours, both offer so much. But for this Sour it’s Irish all the way. Jameson Black barrel. A good compromise I think. Although regular Jameson definitely still gets you to where you need to be. Ingredients:  (I was trained in Canada so ALL my measurements are in ounces, Europeans don’t hate) 1/2oz Simple Syrup 2 drops Angostura Bitters 2oz Whiskey 1/2oz of lemon juice OR half a lemon squeezed. 1/2oz Muldoon 1oz Egg whites (if you haven’t tried before try. Fo’realz) Shake VIGOROUSLY over ice. Strain over fresh ice or just dump contents into glass. Result: A smooth and delicious honeycomb flavoured whiskey sour. All Irish (i swear I saw lemons growing in Ireland once…..) all delicious. The sweetness from the Muldoon complements the Black barrel beautifully. This is a really fun twist on the absolutely beautiful classic. Note: 1/2oz Muldoon will deliver a lovely light honeycomb taste but like all cocktails make to taste. Rack up the muldoon for a big honey explosion! Why not? Try it out and lemme know what you think! =D sours And here is a lovely artsy shot of whiskey sours that I stole because the files of my ones corrupted big times! Shout out to for that!

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