Short History of Jameson in Dublin

I recently wrote a short piece on the history/origins of Jameson whiskey in Dublin for the College Tribune in University College Dublin, my alma mater.

The piece outlines a very brief history of the establishment of the Bow Street Distillery through to present day.

The article, like my blog, is aimed at being accessible to both the drinks industry and uninitiated alike.

If you want to have a read of this article just click here.  

I’d love to hear what you think!


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Matt Healy

Matt Healy, Chief Editor of Read more in the about section.

5 thoughts on “Short History of Jameson in Dublin

  1. Hi am Mick the site host at Bampots United a enjoyed that article and as a laymen builder there was lots of déjà vous in it and things a dident know first being Jamieson is formed by a Scotsman am from glasgow and live in London its created by migrants also the social side of the company made me jog my mind to the rowntrees factory that helped workers with there needs a would give this article 9 out of ten for keeping the reader intrgued a would have gave you ten but there was no free sample of the drink lol 😃


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