Episode 2: Pearse Lyons Global Spirits Ambassador – Conor Ryan

Potstilled Radio is your independent Irish whiskey podcast that sits down with the people that make the Irish whiskey industry one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in the world. Each episode we will go behind the scenes to find out what goes into making these great brands as well as some of the stories that couldn’t be included in the marketing mix!

In Episode two we sit down with Conor Ryan, the Global Spirits Ambassador of Pearse Lyons Distillery, in his award winning Folkhouse bar in Kinsale. We sat down over a glass of Pearse Lyons whiskey to have an in-depth discussion about the Pearse Lyons portfolio, the current landscape of Irish whiskey, and the unfortunate passing of Dr. Pearse Lyons.

Listen in as Conor brings us behind the scenes of the whiskey industry and outlines some of the challenges he faced transitioning from whiskey advocate and publican to Global Spirits Ambassador.

So grab a drink, sit back and listen to the second episode of Potstilled Radio, here.

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Matt Healy

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