Episode 6: Micil Distillery Founder – Pádraic Ó’Graillais

For this episode we have taken a step back in time to examine the roots of Irish whiskey, Poitín.

Poitín /potcheen/, which literally means ‘little pot’, is the term to describe unaged whiskey spirit, which would have been the back bone of many rural communities in Ireland throughout the generations. 

Micil Poitin.JPG
Join me as I sit down with Micil Distillery‘s founder, Pádraic Ó’Graillais, to discuss how this, once illicit industry, has become a licit enterprise. Pádraic takes us through what it was like setting up the first distillery in Galway in the last hundred years, as well as trying to stay true to his grandfather’s recipe, in a much more legitimate enterprise than a still in the hills.

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A fantastic journey of discovery through some of the history, the social history and the ingredients of Micil Poitín in Connemara.

So grab a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy.


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