Teeling Brabazon 2 – Review

This whiskey is a single malt whiskey from the creative minds of the Teeling Whiskey Company, who honestly seem to release another whiskey every 39 seconds. The Brabazon was the second series available around the world which had a name given to the collection. The Brabazon followed the Teeling Revival Series.

brabazon box
This time around we treated to an Irish Single Malt whiskey that has been aged in series of Port casks, apparently utilising the differences in styles, types and vintages to produce this whiskey. The whiskey spent the first part of its life in ex-bourbon barrels before being transferred to its new Portuguese themed home for an undisclosed amount of time. Like the Brabazon Batch one it is also bottled at 49.5% ABV (99 Proof) with no chill filtration, bears no age statement and had a bottling run of 12,500 bottles in total. This whiskey hit the market in late 2017 and is now hard to come by. When it was on retail in Ireland it was around the €80 mark.

brabazon bottle

Tasting Notes by Matt Healy, Chief Editor of Potstilled.com 

Nose: This whiskey has an absolutely beautiful nose. It is succulent and fruity with white peach, tonnes of apricot, real viscous, honey tones and a creamy maltiness in the rear.

Palate: Straight away this has a lovely burst of fruits, peach comes back which is complemented by orange marmalade, fresh strawberry jam, with a hint of the honey and maltiness from the nose.

Finish: Strong spices, honey and heavy oak tones come through on the finish.

Overall: I am a big fan of this whiskey. This was a sample I kept going back to. I loved every moment of this drop and I only wish I had a bottle of it now.

Lots of thumbs up from me!

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Matt Healy

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