Episode 2.8 – Talnua Distillery Co-Founder Patrick Miller – The First US Single Pot Still Distillery

Usually when I travel for a Potstilled Radio interview, I average about 70km a trip to meet the interviewee. I the case of this episode I threw the average out the window and instead travelled over 7,000km from Dublin to Denver, Colorado to interview Talnua Distillery (Irish: New World) co-founder and head distiller Patrick Miller.

Talnua’s inaugural Single Pot Still release. 

Join me as I sit down with Patrick Miller, the Co-Founder and Head Distiller of the United State’s first Single Pot Still distillery. Listen in as Patrick describes how he and his team have taken an Irish style of whiskey making and crafted his own Colorado grown and distilled tribute to this style.

To be clear, Patrick and his team at Talnua are not making “Irish style” whiskey, he is very clear that he is making American Single Pot Still Whiskey, he is paying homage to the Irish style but with a very intentional Colorado terroir.

Listen in to how Talnua went from a honeymoon to Ireland to a fully fledged craft distillery. Patrick takes us through not only his production methods but also his full range of whiskeys currently available from the distillery and his plans for the years ahead.

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