About the Author

Matt is a young, industry professional with a huge passion for the national spirit of Ireland, whiskey. His background is routed in Economics with a Masters’ Degree in International Business Management, and he has been involved in the whiskey industry in Ireland for the last seven years. He has worked for some of the largest names in Irish whiskey, both at home and abroad, whilst also working on a number of independent venture projects. Matt is currently working within the industry in export sales and whiskeys management.

Matt believes that his passion for whiskey, coupled with his industry knowledge places him in a very advantageous place to be able to analyse the current affairs of the Irish whiskey industry and deliver a marketing free synopsis that is accessible and interesting for both veteran and new enthusiast alike.

His articles are crafted to deliver real, factual information and informed opinions about the recent movements in the industry which move beyond the often distracting marketing and dissects the litany of information. He is unafraid to speak his mind and honestly reviews whiskeys and their marketing techniques to determine whether or not they deliver value to the consumer.

Above all else Matt believes in protecting consumer confidence with whiskey offerings that are of good quality, consistent and sufficiently differentiated. He maintains that maintaining global consumers’ confidence will be the key to the longevity of the Irish whiskey market, highlighting occurrences in history where shortsightedness in this area aided in the demise in the entire industry.

As such, Matt is a vocal advocate for innovation and value propositions that improve the consumers’ experience with the category.

Matt hopes that this website will ultimately help consumers make informed decisions when investing in this liquid heritage of ours.

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