Potstilled’s Mission Statement is to spread the love of Irish whiskey

Potstilled was created to be a valuable source for consumers who enjoy, or are seeking to enjoy the amazing world of Irish whiskey.

Potstilled is dedicated to the dissemination of impartial reviews and commentary relating to the developments within the Irish whiskey industry.

As the global demand for the native spirit of Ireland continues to soar, there is an ever increasing amount of information flooding the market, which can make separating the wheat from the chaff challenging at times. Potstilled’s aim is to analyse and deconstruct the litany of information bombarding consumers, and provide Irish whiskey enthusiasts with marketing fact-checking, historical provenance and personal commentary when appropriate.

Potstilled is the brainchild of a vocal advocate for the resurgence of Irish whiskey.

Potstilled is the brainchild of me, Matt Healy, a vocal advocate for the resurgence of Irish whiskey. My background is routed in many different facets of the whiskey industry, both professionally and voluntarily. I have worked for some of the largest drinks companies in the world, promoting Irish whiskey both in Ireland and internationally.
Furthermore, I was elected as the youngest ever member of the governing council of the Irish Whiskey Society. Finally, when I’m not talking about whiskey, writing about whiskey or researching the history of Irish whiskey, you might just find me judging some of the best alcoholic drinks competitions in the country.

My passion is undoubtedly our national spirit. I started Potstilled to share my passion and to help breakdown the developments of the industry and provide consumers with a behind the scenes look at what is actually going on, minus all the marketing jargon.

I hope you enjoy your journey through all things Uisce Beatha Éireannach and maybe we’ll even raise a taoscán together some day!

Until then,


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  1. Hi Matt,

    Can I get your email address please? We would love to invite you to an upcoming Whiskey event in Dublin.


  2. I support you 100% in your quest to return Irish Whiskey to its former status of being the worlds best selling Whiskey .

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