Advent #5 – Writers’ Tears Copper Pot

This is a whiskey that every Irish Whiskey drinker should have on their shelves at some point in their life. Writers Tears Copper Pot is the flagship expression from Walsh Whiskey’s Writers Tears range. Interestingly, it is a blend of 40% Single Pot Still and 60% Single Malt whiskeys aged in ex-bourbon barrels. Which for you eagle eyed readers out there will notice, means it has no grain whiskey added to the blend.

This delicious blend has a creamy mouth coating character that propels it above a huge amount of other whiskeys in its blended whiskey category. Its sister Irishman Founders Reserve is the exact opposite blend (60% Pot Still & 40% Malt) making this pair an enthusiast’s Irish whiskey experiment waiting to happen! It can be purchased from nearly all good whiskey retailers for an RRP of approximately €45 in the Republic of Ireland.

This whiskey revealed itself through door #5 of my Drinks By the Dram, Irish Whiskey Calendar. It is bottled at 40%ABV, chill filtered and with no indication on the addition of caramel colouring.

Nose: A relatively soft nose, which consists of fresh lemon peel, honey, with a soft pot still graininess.

Palate: This is an incredibly palatable whiskey with green apple, hints of honey from the nose, caramel, malt and a slight nuttiness.

Finish: Medium finish with caramel and nutty undertones following through.

Overall: This is a great value for money blended whiskey, unlike much else on the market today. In my opinion this is a standout in the category and I am a huge fan of all the current Writer’s Tears whiskeys, both the liquid and the packaging. Definitely a stocking filler this Christmas.

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