Become the Blender and Create Your Own Bottles of Whiskey with new Online Service

A future Cork whiskey brand owner has launched an ingenious whiskey gifting platform that allows you to blend your own bottle of whiskey (virtually of course) and have it delivered to your mates or perhaps even yourself.

Under the name, Ernest Cantillon, has launched a completely personalisable whiskey gifting website, where you become the blender, crafting a bottle of whiskey from a myriad of different styles and cask options, from Ernest’s impressive bulk whiskey selection.

Irish Whiskey gifting sites and products are incredibly hard to execute without being either twee or Oirish, and I am delighted to say that is neither. A well designed and easy to use site, it allows you to jump straight into the blending process, creating your whiskey in 25ml increments.

CMK30042020_Whiskey Cantillon0006
Founder Ernest Cantillon.

There are four categories of whiskey to draw from:

Grain whiskey, Triple Distilled Malt, Double Distilled Malt, & Pot Still. Each category containing a number of subsections to choose from, including virgin oak, sherry and even peated malt.

As mentioned above, you create your bottle in 25ml increments of whatever whiskeys you choose. Each variety is priced individually and while the website suggests filling 70% of your bottle with grain whiskey, we here at Potstilled know that there will be a lot of crazy experimentation going on out there… and before you ask, yes you can choose one of everything… I already tried.

There are no age statements associated with the whiskeys, nor a declaration where they were distilled (we assume GND) but we think it is a very cool addition to the whiskey gifting universe. While I have not ordered my own whiskey from this website (I would definitely make some kind of lightly peated malt & pot still blend), I do think it is well executed and gives the consumer a real selection of whiskeys to choose from, compared to other similar websites I have viewed, in other whiskey industries.

There doesn’t appear to be a cask strength option as of yet, as all whiskeys will be delivered at between 40-45% ABV which according to their team, will be determined per blend.  Perhaps we might see a special option for adding cask strength options in the future.

Check it out for yourself, at Whiskey Gift. I think a lot of people will have fun with this.

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