W.D. O’Connell’s Announces Anniversary Single Cask Bottling with Carry Out Killarney

W.D O’Connell Whiskey Merchants have announced a collaboration with Carry Out Killarney to celebrate the Carry Out’s 20th year in business. To mark this occassion, W.D. O’Connell’s will release a single cask bottling in collaboration with John Flemming, the owner of Carry Out Killarney.

Daithí O’Connell, founder of O’Connell’s Whiskey Merchants, & John Fleming worked together in Killarney over 20 years ago and have remained friends ever since and are proud to present this collaboration borne out of a lifetime of friendship to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Carry Out Killarney.

7 YEAR OLD SINGLE MALT – Western Herd Imperial Stout Cask Finish the 2nd collaboration between Western Herd Brewery from Co. Clare and W.D O’Connell Whiskey Merchants. This single cask whiskey sees 228 bottles released to the public through Carry Out’s Killarney operation. The 7-year old single malt was distilled at Great Northern Distillery in Co. Louth in 2016 and has been under the care of O’Connell Whiskey for the last 4 years. Initially matured in first-fill ex-bourbon casks for over 6 years.

Then in late 2022 John Fleming provided O’Connell’s a freshly emptied Buffalo Trace cask from a store pick that John undertook with American whiskey maker. The cask was then transported to Western Herd Brewery in County Clare where it was filled with Imperial Stout beer, and laid down for maturation.

After many months maturing the beer was disgorged and made ready for bottling. The cask was then returned to the care of Daithí where it was filled with Single Malt whiskey and laid down for a medium length finish, in O’Connell’s maturation facility in Kilmacthomas in Co. Waterford.

This single cask single malt was then bottled at a healthy 56% ABV cask strength, without any chill filtration with no colour added. According to Daithí this whiskey “is a rich, full bodied Irish whiskey that showcases the continued development of the new age of single malt Irish whiskeys in the hands of a modern bonders & blender.”

The corresponding Western Herd Imperial Stout that matured in these bourbon casks are available to purchase along side this unique 7 year old in Carry Out Killarney.

7 Year-Old Cask Strength Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Distilled in 2016 at Great Northern
Distillery. 56% ABV. Matured in ex-Bourbon cask and ex Western Herd Imperial stout cask. Limited to 228 70cl bottles. RRP at € 85.00

Official O’Connell’s Whiskey Notes: Heavy thick mouth feel full of stone fruits, rich biscuit malt, roasted stout & chocolate
notes at a very easy drinking 56%.

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