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Time to do away with the dram

Explore why Matt believes that we should do away with the dram in Irish whiskey and embrace our own native culture when it comes to Irish whiskey.


Irish Whiskey in America: the underdeveloped market

Irish whiskey is exploding at the moment but the market for Irish whiskey in the United States focuses primarily on blended whiskeys and a lot will need to happen before the category is able to chip away at the incredible lead that our Scottish cousins have in the single malt category.

Whiskey Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is a great time for gift giving and receiving. This is a quick whiskey gift guide for those looking for ideas for the whiskey lover in their life or a great link for dropping hints to your significant others!

Irish Whiskey; Myth or Fact

Thus, this article is intended to debunk some of the common myths around Irish whiskey and to highlight some of things to look out for when buying Irish!
If you’re a connoisseur or a new arrival to the category you might find a lot of the things that are touted as gospel turn out to be common misconceptions.

Marrowbone Lane wins “Silver Outstanding” at the IWSC

The Irish Whiskey Society’s 916 commemorative bottling, Marrowbone Lane, has won “Silver Outstanding” at the International Wines and Spirits Competition.

Ireland’s Distilling Landscape of 1916

Ireland has a rich history that is intertwined with the distilling industry. Distilleries were huge sources of employment for everything from coopers to doctors. Distilling families in Ireland restored Christchurch Cathedral and even commissioned the Daniel O’Connell monument. As we are currently celebrating the centenary…

Midleton Very Rare – A Guide

A guide to Midleton’s Very Rare whiskey. History, tasting notes and collectibility.

Paddy Whiskey’s bizarre map of Ireland – The history

Many of us a very familiar with Paddy Whiskey. An affordable and tasty blend from Irish Distillers that lends it’s name from its legendary salesman from Co. Cork Paddy Flaherty. Supposedly very generous with tasting samples but sold buckets of the stuff and ultimately was…

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