Single Pot Still Consultation Date Still Not Set

As you may have read on in recent months, the impending public consultation period regarding the definition of Single Pot Still whiskey is a important topic.

The Department of Agriculture are opening the decision making process to the public and inviting public consultation on the issue. Originally, August was elected as the month to host this consultation period but it was quietly announced in July that this would not take place in August.

Speaking to the lobbying groups representing Irish whiskey producers, the Department of Agriculture has refrained from setting a new date for the consultation yet. The proposed consultation is still slated to go ahead but when exactly the new date will be, is still up in the air.

Once the date is set, it will be important to ensure that your voice is heard on the topic of the proposed changes to the definition of Single Pot Still whiskey in Ireland.

More updates to follow once a date has been announced for this consultation period.

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