Dingle Batch 4 Single Malt & Cask Strength Release

In what is a subtle but brilliant stroke of marketing genius, Dingle Distillery are revealing their long awaited Batch 4 Single Malt and Cask Strength to the world on the 4th of the 4th this year. If all the 4’s weren’t enough to entice you, well then how about the global first look at the newest expressions from one of the world’s most in demand Irish Single Malt ranges? Dingle has seen a whirlwind success with their annual batch releases that excite and entice fans of the Irish whiskey industry across the globe.

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This week we see the much anticipated Dingle Single Malt Batch 4 revealed to the public for the first time. This pair of Batch 4 malts have been matured in a combination of ex-bourbon, Port, Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry casks. These components have been excellently blended to create a whiskey that delivers a fantastically flavoursome, and beautifully balanced whiskey.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to sample these two new expressions, last month, ahead of their global launch. In previous reviews, which you can read here, I have stated that the Dingle expressions improve exponentially as time goes on. This expression is no different. The addition of a complement of different sherry barrels in Batch 4 has delivered a whiskey that has only built on the success of its Batch 3 counterpart, that was solely matured in ex-bourbon and port barrels.

These malts are fantastic whiskeys, with creamy mouthfeels, heaps of dried fruits, fresh juicy apricot, tied together with honey and a light nuttiness. The Single Malt has been bottled at the familiar strength of 46.5%ABV, while the Cask Strength comes in at a very respectable 59% ABV.


30,000 bottles of the Batch 4 Single Malt will be available globally, with 12,000 units being allocated to the Irish market, with an RRP of €70. This is a sizable increase on the volumes of the Batch 3 release which saw 20,000 bottles enter the market, globally.

Fear not U.S. based Dingle fans, we saw last month that the label for Dingle’s 46.5% ABV Single Malt has already been approved for use in the US. I would expect it on you shores soon enough, although, no official word yet.

dingle malt batch 4
US Approved Label for Dingle Batch 4 Single Malt

Contrast to this sizable release, the Cask Strength bottling, will be another beast entirely and will be one to keep the eagle-eyed Irish whiskey collectors on their toes. This bottling will only see 500 units released, exclusively for the Irish and UK whiskey markets, with an RRP of €125. Expect to see both expressions on shelves from the 8th of April onwards.

A full review and tasting notes of the new expressions will be available on Potstilled.com after the official launch on the 4th.

If you want to listen in on our episode of Potstilled Radio, with Dingle’s Head Distiller, Michael Walsh, click on the link here.

Announced stockists in Ireland for these releases are as follows:
L Mulligan’s Whiskey Shop, Claredon Street. (Pre-Sold allocation of CS)
James Fox’s Cigar and Whiskey Store, Grafton Street. (Pre-Sold allocation of CS)
The Celtic Whiskey Shop, Dawson Street.
– Irishmalts.com (Pre-Sold Allocation of CS)

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