Episode 13 – Hinch Distillery Company -Michael Morris

In this episode, International Sales director for the Hinch Distillery, Michael Morris, at Japan’s world renowned, food and drink’s exhibition, Foodex.

In Japan, Michael took the time to sit down with us and talk us through their new brand that is launching globally with five new whiskeys, that cross the malt, blends and single pot still categories. This is an exciting new entrant for the Irish market as this marks the first sourced single pot still whiskey to enter the Irish market. We discuss all of these new whiskeys, the company’s new distillery that is currently under construction as well as their thoughts on the looming elephant in the room, Brexit. As a distillery, situated in Northern Ireland, they will remain politically in the United Kingdom, yet will always be representing the cross boarder category that is, Irish whiskey.

Hinch Distillery Company.jpg
Hinch Distillery Company’s new range of whiskeys, at Foodex Japan.

As we always attempt to bring you our episodes as live conversations, unfortunately, the quality of the recording can suffer slightly. Please excuse the high level of background noise during this recording, Foodex Japan, is a large festival and the massive volume of attendees lead to a large amount of background noise. Thanks for your understanding.

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