Episode Q2 – Patrick Shelley – Founder Currach Single Malt Kombu Seaweed Cask Irish Whiskey

In this, the second episode of Potstilled Radio’s Quarantine edition, we sit down (virtually) with Patrick Shelley, founder of Origin Spirits, who has just launched Currach Single Malt Atlantic Kombu Sweaweed Cask Irish Whiskey. 

He tells about the origin of his range of avant garde Irish distilled spirits and how he has become the first person to release a Seaweed cask Irish whiskey. From vodka shots in Russia, to setting his garden on fire in Paris, this episode is certainly a fascinating journey with the man who developed the world’s first Single Malt Vodka, Single Malt Gin and Seaweed Cask Irish whiskey.

If you want to read the full details of this fascinating seaweed cask Irish single malt, just click here.

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