Fercullen Premium Blend – A Review

Join us as we review Powerscourt Distillery’s Premium Blended Whiskey – The Fercullen.

The Powerscourt Distillery have been busy producing their own spirit under the watchful eye of their Master Distillery, Mr. Noel Sweeney, who is shaping the distillery’s spirit to create some masterful malts and blends for the years to come.

Until then, the Powerscourt Distillery have released a sourced blended whiskey under the brand name ‘Fercullen’ which was the old name for the Powerscourt Estate, wherein the distillery itself lies. This sourced liquid has a slight twist though, like many distilleries, Powerscourt are sourcing malt and grain from Cooley Distillery, although, unlike every other distillery, it was Powerscourt’s Master Distiller, Noel Sweeney, who actually distilled this liquid during his tenure as Master Distiller in Cooley Distillery.

Fercullen Family.jpg
The Powerscourt Fercullen Whiskey Family

I had the opportunity to try these whiskeys in the Powerscourt Distillery with Master Distiller Noel Sweeney, who was kind enough to describe the journey that took both him to becoming a Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame inductee and how the distillery has come to be. If you have an interest in listening to Noel describe both his and the distillery’s journey, listen to our conversation with him on Potstilled Radio, Here.

Fercullen Premium Blend
Powerscourt Distillery’s Fercullen Premium Blend.

Fercullen Premium Blend, is a blend of Cooley distilled malt and grain (distilled by Noel Sweeney before he moved to Powerscourt), which is aged in ex-bourbon barrels before being blended and bottled at 40% ABV (80 Proof).

Colour: Straw Gold.

Nose: Sweet grain forward nose, with sweet vanilla, citrus, honey, with an underlayer of malt and the signature Cooley distillate tropical fruit notes. A delightful combination of vanilla, honey, pineapple, plumb and sweet grain.

Palate: The palate is fantastically balanced. It opens to a crisp wood sweetness that pairs elegantly with the sweet undertones from the grain. Biscuity, malt notes swiftly follow behind, before developing into hints of pineapple and guava.

Finish: The tropical fruits from the malt whiskey shine bright in this blend, working harmoniously with the underlying sweetness from the grain and the wood.

RRP: €44

Fercullen’s Premium Blend is the entry level offering of the Powerscourt whiskey family. This blend offers an incredibly well balanced and fantastically delicious alternative to other whiskeys at this price point. I am a very large fan of this whiskey and is a real stand out for this price point.

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