Episode Q12 – Fionnán O’Connor – The Findings of the Vintage Mashbills Campaign Part 2

In this three part mini series, Historian, Author & PhD. Candidate, Fionnán O’Connor, joins us to detail the research, execution and findings of his Vintage Mashbills Campaign that he undertook with Boann Distillery. This campaign saw Fionnán and Michael Walsh, Head Distiller in Boann Distillery, ressurect over 200 years of lost mashbill flavours.

In previous episodes, Michael and Fionnán were constrained by embargoes on information and were unable to give us specifics as to the mashbill break downs or the findings of the campaign. Now with the self emposed embargoes lifted, Fionnán shares all on this momentous campaign.

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  1. You two have such a great rapport and a contagious enthusiasm for whiskey, one could listen to this podcast for hours. Keep it up!

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