Glen Grant 10 – A review


Roommate brought this home from the duty free in Switzerland. Not usually a dram I would have jumped out for but cant say no to a friend offering a dram!

  • Colour: Straw Yellow
  • Nose: Candyhop sweetness, hints of toffee and stewed apples.
  • Palate: Light open, tofee sweetness, subdued spice, malt and pears
  • Finish: Long dry finish, fruity with subdued spice and slightest hint of nut.
  • Score: 80/100

This was a nice dram to have amongst friends. I had heard that the purifiers in the stills that Glen Grant use made light fruity whisky and thats no lie. I was pleasantly surprised with the length of the finish compared to how light it was on the palate. Not something I am going to rush out and buy anytime soon but was a tastey enough dram definitely with lots of fruit.

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  1. Goes down fairly easily this one. Not the most exciting, but useful to have to splash around among friends. Which I take it is exactly what happened here. Sláinte!
    Keep on waffling,

    1. Exactly Nick! Not ever going to rant and rave about it but sharing the experience is exactly what uisce beatha is for! =]

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