Glendalough Pot Still – A Must Buy

Glendalough have been busy in the last few months releasing a myriad of whiskeys, each more exciting than the last, its hard to know which way to look. From their first Pot Still release, being finished in Wicklow Irish Oak, to their 17 Year Old single malt finished for two years in Mizunara or ultimately, who could have missed the 25 year old single malt matured in Bourbon, Sherry and Irish oak. Safe to say there has been a lot to talk about with Glendalough in recent months. 

One that particularly caught my interest was their Single Pot Still that was finished in virgin Irish oak. The Pot Still, is the youngest of the current releases, and ringing in at a modest 4 years old, it is quite a step away from its closest new release, the 17 year old. Although, this Pot Still is definitely the expression that has truly caught my interest. Broken down simply, the Pot Still is a 4 year old, Pot Still whiskey, that was matured for 3 years in ex-bourbon and finished for 1 year in Irish oak that was felled in the Brabazon Estate in Co. Wicklow. This Pot Still is also notable for its 2:1 ratio of unmalted barley to malted barley, giving the whiskey a unique mashbill (recipe) compared to any of the Pot Still whiskeys on the market today.

It is currently titled as a ‘Pot Still’ as they have plans to create Ireland’s first modern Blended Pot Still utilising sourced stocks and their own, before transitioning entirely to their own distilled stocks. As such, this is an expression that is going to evolve over time, and I for one, am excited to partake in that journey with them. 

If you want to read all the fine details, click here to find our previous article outlining all the in-depth details about this launch. You can also click here, if you would like to hear co-founder Kevin Keenan talk about this launch and the future plans for the company, on our podcast, Potstilled Radio. 

Co-founder of Glendalough Distillery, Kevin Keenan, explained on his episode of Potstilled Radio podcast, that they were attempting to make the most quintessentially Irish style Pot Still spirit that was a unique and delicious to drink, and I for one, believe that they have done just that! This whiskey is reminiscent to some of the older, generational Irish whiskeys that I have been lucky enough to imbibe upon in the past. It is full of flavour with a great balance of influence from both the distillate and the wood. See my full tasting notes below.

Glendalough Pot Still Tasting Notes

Glendalough Pot Still – Tree 5. Batch 1. 43% ABV.

Nose: This whiskey simply jumps out of the glass with aroma. It is initially sweet, with a resinous, virgin oak spice, citrus peel, honey and toffee and burnt molasses, which are all complemented with the old school style, earthy undertone of leather and tobacco. This nose is truly big and intriguing. 

Palate: The palate follows through from the nose, with lots of flavour up front. Oak spices dominate the fore, with a slight tongue prickle, which are quickly replaced with the earthy undertones of leather, wood tannins, vanilla and nut. This has a waxy mouthfeel that is almost thick enough to chew.

Finish: The finish is incredibly long lasting with the key notes of leather and wood tannins remaining until the end.

This whiskey is a fantastically intriguing drop to sit and enjoy. Allowing the glass open up with some oxygen brings whole new intensities of flavour, while the addition of water opens up some great wood influence and Pot Still spice.

At a recommended retail price of €55 in Ireland, this is a must buy. A fantastic price for a truly delicious and intriguing whiskey, that not only evolves in the glass but will evolve over time.

Bualadh bos Glendalough. Déanta go han-mhaith.

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  1. Hi Matt, I was lucky to take part in the masterclass at Whiskey live Dublin, last Saturday. I got all the information, was lucky to taste and bought an wonderfull bottle. By the way, I love your podcast and always listen when I drive home from work.

    1. What a great experience that must have been! Glad you managed to grab a bottle! What Tree did you end up with? Thanks for the kind words! I’m delighted that you like it! Another episode coming by the end of the week!

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