Ireland’s First Blended Grain Whiskey Released

We, as consumers, have witnessed some monumental releases in the last few months in Irish whiskey. From the world’s most expensive bottle, to not one but two of Ireland’s first blended malts, well now it is the time for grain to shine.

Ireland’s first modern whiskey bonders J.J. Corry Irish whiskey have just announced the launch of ‘The Hanson’, Ireland’s first blended grain Irish whiskey.

Comprised of two different single grain distillates from two different distilleries, the whiskeys in the Hanson were respectively aged for 4 and 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels before being married together for this bottling. This whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV and bottled without chill-filtration or the addition of caramel colouring.

The bottle is now available for purchase at or through this link. It retails for €49.95 and to celebrate the launch of the Hanson, the whole J.J. Corry team will be partaking in a virtual whiskey tasting this evening at 5pm IST (GMT+1) across all J.J. Corry social media channels.

Louise McGuane, founder, with casks at J.J. Corry bonded warehouse in Co. Clare.

According to founder, Louise McGuane, “The Hanson is a classically bright, fruit-forward Irish Whiskey, which is mellowed with deep oak and rich toasted vanilla notes. The Hanson is perfect by itself or in a refreshing high-ball and the ideal whiskey for summer months.”

“As curators of casks, we are building a library of Irish Whiskey flavours with which to create unique blends. The Hanson perfectly reflects the matchmaking element encompassed in the art of Irish Whiskey Bonding and showcases the best of Ireland’s distilleries. It is a meticulous blend of Irish Grain Whiskey from different Irish distilleries. Four and ten years aged in ex-bourbon barrels, each cask was selected to build complexity upon those sweet fruit qualities of the grain whiskey. The four-year-old was matured on site in County Clare in juicy ex-bourbon casks we hand-picked ourselves in Louisville Kentucky.

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