Ireland’s Most Expensive Whiskey Ever Released Goes Under the Hammer on Irish Whiskey Auctions

Katie and Anthony Sheehy, founders of Irish Whiskey Auctions, are excited to announce that the world’s rarest Irish whiskey is auctioning on Irish Whiskey Auctions today, Friday the 13th of March at 5.00PM.

This press release comes from the team at Irish Whiskey Auctions and you can find a direct link to their site, here. 

This bottle comes from The Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Whiskey Collection Chapter One. The bottle is featured in their live auction which runs from the 13th of March until the 22nd of March. It has previously retailed for a large five-figure mark of €35,000 and sold out instantly, but given the popularity of this bottle and its exclusivity with a release of only 44 bottles, it is expected to go for much more. Enquiries already have been fielded from collectors across Ireland, the UK and the US.

Anthony Sheehy, Founder of Irish Whiskey Auctions comments, ‘Irish whiskey has been enjoying a huge renaissance and there’s international demand for our finest and rarest whiskeys. In the past 18 months, we have auctioned over 5,000 bottles of whiskey, but this is the most exclusive and valuable bottle that we’ve auctioned to date. It’s difficult to predict its final value but we’ve already received interest in bids surpassing €40,000.’

Anthony Sheehy, remarks the beauty of the bottle saying, ‘This bottle is housed in a walnut wooden cabinet handcrafted by Irish designer, John Galvin, using wood up to 200 years old from ancient whiskey vats. It really adds to the authenticity and character of the whiskey, holding such piece takes you back in time, it really is a work of art in its own right.’

3. Image - Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection

This single malt whiskey which originates from the legendary Old Midleton Distillery in County Cork, operated between the years of 1825 to 1975. The Midleton distillery, had withstood and remained operational during major historical events such as the Great Famine, the War of Independence and the Civil War. The bottle comes from the Old Midleton Distillery which will never produce again and is a collection of six releases. This is a bottle from the first release with additional releases being scheduled annually until the year 2025, ranging in age from 45 to 50 years old, all from the fabled Old Midleton Distillery. The last release will coincide with Old Midleton Distillery’s 200th birthday. Limited to just 48 bottles costing £32,000 (€35,000) each, Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection Chapter One bottles are now a collector’s dream. 

Anthony Sheehy also commented, ‘Katie and I are truly privileged to be trusted with the resale of such a prestigious bottle, we will handle such item like all others, with the upmost care. We are really thrilled that the owner has chosen us to auction this, it demonstrates to us the type of business we have grown over the past two years, one that can be trusted and valued. March’s auction will sure be one to look out for, with this precious bottle being highly sought after by whiskey enthusiasts all over the world.’

4. Image - Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Collection

Katie adds, ‘each bottle has a unique story, and we feel that through Irish Whiskey Auctions we can really bring this story to life, we allow each bidder to know and understand exactly what they are receiving, with all the extra details included. This bottle will be no different, the winning bidder will not just be buying a bottle but a journey through history and I think this is what makes are next auction really special.’

Since the online auction site went live in October 2018, Irish Whiskey Auctions has been achieving incredible website figures including 400 hits per second in the closing stages of its last auction, an average of 5,000 weekly visits to the website and there’s been €1.6m in cumulative bids since the auction site first went live. Irish Whiskey Auction also received an All-Ireland Business All-Star accreditation. This was the first of a whiskey business to receive such an accreditation. The release of this bottle into their care demonstrates the trust that whiskey collectors have in their website. Irish Whiskey Auctions is a whiskey auction service which brings together buyers and sellers from around the globe whilst offering expert bottle and collection valuations. From Jameson to Karuizawa, Irish Whiskey Auctions aims to provide buyers and sellers with a diverse, reliable and unrivalled auction service.

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