The Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar

Halloween is over, and the Christmas season has officially begun. I for one am a big fan of the holiday season, as I pen this article, I am adorned in my favourite Christmas themed shirt and sweatshirt. Why so early in November you might ask? Well, it is because the lovely folks at Drinks By The Dram have been kind enough to choose as one of their recipients for their beautifully themed Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar.

Drinks By the Dram Irish Whiskey Calendar
Drinks By The Dram are a company that allow consumers around the world to sample some of the world’s finest and rarest whisk(e)ys in 30ml measures. This is essentially the connoisseur’s best friend for those hard to find and prohibitively priced bottles out there.

Many of you will remember the nativity scenes of Advent calendars of old, or perhaps if you were one of the lucky children you will have fond memories of chocolate filled mornings as you rip apart your calendar. Well now you can take a journey down memory lane with a sufficiently grownup twist. Drinks By The Dram are now offering a whole host of boozy advent calendars to suit all palates, be they Irish Whiskey, Tequila, Scotch, Bourbon, Single Cask, Armagnac, etc. the list goes on and on. You can get as adventurous as you like with your selection and with prices ranging from £99.99 to £9,999.99 there really is an opportunity for everyone to participate in the festive cheer from Scrooge to Richie Rich.

Starting from today, I will be opening each window of my advent calendar chronologically and reviewing whatever whiskey we have behind the window that day. Each day the whiskey will be a surprise and I look forward to starting my day off with an intriguing new whiskey. If you want to get into the festive spirit too, pardon the pun, join me on this early advent journey with the hashtag #drinksbythedram as we sample our way through some of the best that Irish whiskey has to offer!

So sláinte and chin chin to the man in red!

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