The World’s First Irish Whiskey App Goes Live!

Following on from the hugely successful launch of the Irish Whiskey App for iPhone on Saint Patrick’s Day, Barrel Proof Ltd have announced the Android release of the first ever mobile app dedicated entirely to the world of Irish whiskey. The Irish Whiskey App was created to spread the incredible experiences and stories of Irish whiskey, old and new with audiences all around the world. 

The app launches with a catalog numbering hundreds of whiskeys with more being added each day. The level of information available is unparalleled for Irish whiskey, with everything from the types of wooden casks used in the whiskey’s production, the flavours you can expect and educational content about how whiskey is made. 

Users can rate whiskeys and even keep track of their own collections and wishlists through the app. Coming soon on Android is the ability for users to add their own tasting notes and a groundbreaking bottle scanner that gives users the ability to point their phone at a bottle and get immediate information and ratings about it.

The Discover feature of the app will give you instant access to the latest releases, the most popular whiskeys and brands and curated content that is refreshed daily. Even the most passionate Irish whiskey fans are sure to find interesting bottlings, brands and distilleries. 

With a level of depth that seems endless, the Irish Whiskey App delivers facts, stories and insights into the fascinating history of the whiskeys, brands and distilleries of Ireland. All the way through the app you will find tappable content that gives you even deeper insights.

On iPhone, the app already has an engaged and growing user base, with 1000s of ratings and user tasting notes already added to the vast catalog of Irish whiskeys. User feedback has been extraordinary, with a flawless 5 star rating in the iPhone App Store and glowing reviews:

  • “Love this App, so helpful and easy to use. Great tool for learning, perfect for both experienced whiskey drinkers and also people wanting to explore Irish whiskey!!”
  • “The encyclopaedia of modern Irish whiskey. Full of information about the best whiskeys in the world.”
  • “Fantastic app! Very user friendly & excellent insights into whiskey including interesting facts and history. Perfect for the most enthusiastic whiskey lovers & those who just enjoy an occasional tipple.”

Developed by a small group of whiskey enthusiasts from Dublin, amongst them the founders of Redwind Software, one of Ireland’s original mobile app success stories, everything about this app feels high end and premium. From the Vivino-esque bottle scanner, to the in depth tasting notes, the Irish Whiskey App will appeal to Irish whiskey aficionados as well as newcomers to the category or those with just a passing curiosity.

For more information or material on the Irish Whiskey app, contact them at or through their website 

Download the Irish Whiskey App for free:

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