James J. Fox Launch Midleton Single Cask Pot Still Irish Whiskey

James J. Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store have just announced the release of their own 1998 Midleton Single Cask, Single Pot Still Irish whiskey/

This single pot still Irish whiskey was laid down in April 1998, in the Midleton Distillery. It was aged in a single first fill ex-bourbon cask, for a period of no less than 22 years before being selected by James J. Fox and former Master Distiller Brian Nation.

This whiskey is non-chill filtered, it has been bottled at cask strength (54.9%) with a yield of only 162 bottles.

This whiskey is now available for the tidy sum of €995* a bottle.

Bottle available here.

** Release discount of €200 available until November 8th.

Potstilled Tasting Notes:

Nose: This has a bright and juicy nose with a toasted bourbon sweetness, light creamy vanilla and subdued tropical fruits, that feature juicy oranges, papaya, and white peach.

Palate: pot still pepperiness on the front of the tongue, with honey comb, toasted wood, vanilla and a light fruitiness bring up the rear.

Finish: Long lasting, dry with a wood spice and light fruit flesh remaining before a light methol finish.

Official Tasting Notes:

Nose: Initial notes of rich smouldering oak, dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans with spices of anise giving liquorice tones along with nutmeg and cinnamon. Delicate fruit notes slowly emerge adding a light zesty character creating further depth and complexity.

Taste: Robust pot still spices at the fore that slowly subside revealing a sweet and silky mouth coating texture with hints of toffee fudge and vanilla along with subtle fruit undertones adding notes of zesty lime and mandarin.

Finish: Rich and lasting with the spices eventually fading allowing the oak and sweet fruits to linger until the very end.

Overall, I have probably never differed from a set of official tasting notes as far as this example. Tropical Fruits and Sweet Wood spice ruled the day in my glass, but evidence of the subjectivity of everyone’s palate.

Robert Fox, Chairman of James J. Fox, representing the fifth generation of his family to trade from this celebrated cigar and whiskey store, states, “James J Fox’s partnership with Midleton Distillery is a great honour for me and for my family. The wonderful journey of taste exploration we take with our customers is potted with exclusive collaborations. Midleton Very Rare is the ultimate in Irish Whiskey so its presentation in an exclusive single cask bearing our name holds a very special place for me, my colleagues and, we hope, for our customers.” 

Yiorgos Manesis, James J. Fox Managing Director says: “In essence, the Midleton Very Rare 1998 Single Cask embodies our ethos and passion about Irish Whiskey. It’s a great privilege to have been given the opportunity to work with Midleton Distillery to select and bottle this expression of Midleton Very Rare Single Cask and we are proud of the result of this collaboration.”

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  1. Slightly outside my $$$$ limit….however it sounds magnificant and would make the perfect drink waiting for Santa in front of a nice fire…..best wishes…..hope Santa will see this post

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