Jameson Original & Caskmates re-fresh label and bottle designs

Jameson Irish Whiskey, the world leading Irish whiskey brand, have come into 2019 swinging, with a fresh new label for their core range. According to this morning’s press release, the new pack has refreshed the Jameson bottle to a new apparent sleek design with a tapered body, and a “more generous shoulder curve”. The bottle has also ditched the familiar “Produced in Ireland” emboss on the foot of the bottle. It has been replaced by a striking “1780” emboss.

The label has also received a re-design, which sees it printed on new textured paper, and apparently “re-interprets key elements of the design, most notably the Jameson family Crest, while still retaining the most recognisable features to create a more timeless and cohesive look”. The new design harps back to old school labels from the history of Jameson. The iconic green glass saw its first debuted Jameson original in 1968. The label’s signature green, cream and maroon of the labels were first inspired by the stained glass in the original Jameson distillery in Bow Street.

The New Jameson Original refresh label and bottle.

In my opinion this is a sleek re-pack for the industry giant. The labels have already been approved in the United States, so I doubt it will take long to see these new look Jameson whiskeys rolled out across the world.

As the title may suggest, it is not just the Jameson Original that received a re-fresh in 2019. The Caskmates range has also been approved to enter the United States under their fresh new look. The Caskmates Stout and IPA editions both now feature the new style Jameson label that highlights the 1780 alongside the Jameson family crest.

One quite notable difference in the new packaging is the inclusion of new marketing copy on the back labels of both the Caskmates expressions. The marketing speil has been amended to include, Pernod Ricard/Irish Distiller’s recent acquisition, Eight Degrees Brewing as the brewery supplying the beer for these cask seasonings.

In particular, it appears that Eight Degrees Brewing has replaced the origin story of the Caskmates range that once included, Molson Coors’, Franciscan Well Brewery. The marketing copy now reads, “…So when local craft brewery Eight Degrees Borrowed our casks to age their fine Irish Stout it gave us an idea: Why not finish our own precious liquid in stout seasoned oak barrels?” This obviously does fly in the face of the original origin story that put Franciscan Well on the international map. I must say, everyone had to expect Eight Degrees to become the new Caskmates partner, although I did not expect the history to be re-written. All the same, I suppose it does solidify the marketing story and I am sure the liquid will only improve with their own brewery dedicated to making Caskmates brews.

All in all, it looks like Pernod Ricard are not ready to take the foot off the pedal for Irish whiskey. Jameson are continuing to light the way and drive the category forwards and I for one, look forward to getting my hands on this brand re-fresh.



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