Jameson Whiskey USA Pledge Half a Million Dollars to USBG National Charity Foundation

Honestly, the sweeping lockdowns across the globe are going to be hard times for not only the drinks industry but also the hosptiality industry. Although, Jameson Whiskey USA have put their money where their mouth is… literally. Jameson Whiskey USA have just announced a $500,000 donation to the United States Bartenders Guild National Charity Foundation, truly living up to their hashtag #LoveThyBartender.

Last night Jameson Whiskey USA team delivered the following statement:

jameson USA

Jameson Whiskey USA have literally stepped up to the plate with a philanthropic donation to the USBG’s National Charity Foundation which has multiple avenues of helping US based bartenders with the Foundation’s mission to “advance the lifelong stability & wellbeing of service industry professionals through education & charitable activities.”

The Foundation has charitable funds such as:

“The Bartenders Emergency Assistance Program”

The purpose of the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP) is to assist qualified bartenders, bar backs, and bar servers who are in need of financial assistance as a result of a catastrophic event or an emergency hardship (Which we assume will be the largest recipient of the $500,000 from Jameson).

“Helen David Reflief Fund”

The Helen David Relief Fund (HDRF) honors the memory of the beloved Port Huron, MI bar owner and community leader who passed from breast cancer. Beating breast cancer twice during her life, Helen David stands as an inspiration to those living with the disease.  

In her name, the HDRF assists qualified members of the bar industry who are taking on breast cancer, and other forms of cancer, with the dignity and courage Helen displayed through her battle, and exemplified throughout her life, as a pioneering business owner in the bar industry.

If you or someone you know could benefit from one of these grants please check the USBG’s website here.

And Jameson Whiskey USA – Bualadh Bos

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