Killowen Distillery Releases Bonded International Oat & Rye Whiskeys

Killowen Distillery’s Founder, Brendan Carty explains that the distillery’s inception had two overlapping influences. The first spawns from the rambling whiskey tales of cleric Fionnán O’Connor, and the other was a visit to the phenomenal Belgrove Distillery in Tasmania. It was in Tasmania that Brendan met with Belgrove’s founder/distiller/farmer/scientist and sculptor, Peter Bignell.

Last summer Killowen purchased some of Belgrove’s own spirit and have transported this whiskey to Ireland for release.

Killowen has played its part in spreading gospel according to Belgrove, throughout the Northern Hemisphere. They have displayed a profound respect for both Peter Bignell and his liquid. According to Brendan, Peter devotes the same discipline to his whiskey that he does to his ice and sand sculptures, his farming and of course his scientific endeavours (who says one can’t be a master of many trades?).

Belgrove’s unorthodox methods and willingness to experiment have resulted in some of Australia’s most unique spirits. If you haven’t tried a Belgrove before, then now is your chance to start.

Brendan explains that his Irish/Tasmanian connection did not start with Brendan visiting Belgrove or Peter visiting Killowen but with Peter’s knowledge of traditional Irish whiskey methods that where not properly celebrated a decade ago

These methods encompassed the broader use of Oats and Rye but even more significantly the use of malted and unmalted grains, green malt (undried malt for those of us who don’t devour whiskey books) and amazingly up to 80% unmalted grain, relying on massive starch conversion in the mash ton

Killowen Distillery will be releasing two independent bottlings from Belgrove distillery at 5pm IST on Monday 11th of July: Belgove Rye & Oat. These will be available direct from the Killowen Distillery website.

These whiskeys are bottled at cask strength, with no added colour and are complemented with the traditional Killowen full gambit of traceability on the labels.

The recommended retail price is £94.95, with a bundle offer (1 of each) costing £184.95. No Euro prices have been outlined in the press release.

Killowen’s “The Oat” is bottled at 59.79% ABV and is limited to just 222 500mL bottles. This is finished in “ex-malt” and Australian Pinot Noir casks.

Killowen’s “The Rye” is bottled at 60.1% ABV and is limited to just 239 500mL bottles. This is finished in “ex-malt” and Australian Pinot Noir casks.

Slider Comparison of the two bottles

Brendan concludes “The reason for celebrating another micro distillery’s spirit is because we love it. It has connections with Irish whiskey’s rich past and with its contemporary future. Most whiskeys need to be old – very, very few don’t, however, just like Killowen, Belgrove put the effort in at spirit production stage instead of relying on prolonged casking, the sacrifice is quantity but who needs quantity when our game plan, above all else is quality.”

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