Killowen Distillery Announces Three Exclusive Firkin Releases

Killowen Distillery announced the release of three exclusive indie 70 litre Pinot Noir bottlings.

These exclusive bottlings follow the same Killowen integrity and discipline as their previous releases: all are bottled at cask strength, with some barrier filtration. All are hand bottled, as well as hand labelled, and hand numbered. The labels contain fully transparent information and the whiskeys themselves promise to deliver big on flavour.

Three lucky stockists have requested these casks for two years now, they are Viking Kallare in the Republic of South Africa, Carryout Off-Licences in Killarney, Co. Kerry & Molly McCabes in Warrenpoint, Co. Down.

Full details on each release have been listed below.

Vilking Kallare (Cellar) Whiskey Club South Africa

158 bottle release. Release Date: April 2022.

Cask: Recoopered Pinot Noir 70 litre Firkin.

Blended Whiskey: 11 years old – 70% Cooley Distillery Grain Whiskey, 5% Cooley Distillery Malt Whiskey & 25% Old Bushmills Distillery Oloroso Matured Malt Whiskey.

This is the first Club Cask to be released. “This legendary club has been operated by Lars and Mark Forssman as well as their sons for a decade. They often visit distilleries across Europe as well as Ireland. Both men have Scandinavian roots – which they pay homage to in the name of their whiskey club. Together they have over 600 open tasting bottles, with an ever growing selection of Irish whiskey on hand. Thankfully it is hidden under ground in the middle of a forest! Killowen Distillery are delighted to announce that this club is the first in the World to bottle Killowen’s Indie Cask.

Carryout off-licence – Killarney, Co. Kerry

152 bottle release. Release Date: May 14th 2022.

Cask: Recoopered Pinot Noir 70 litre Firkin.

Blended Whiskey: 11 years old – 66.50% Cooley Distillery Grain Whiskey, 3.5% Cooley Distillery Malt Whiskey & 30% Old Bushmills Distillery Oloroso Matured Malt Whiskey.

Carryout Off-Licence are the first retailers to have their own Indie Cask bottled by Killowen Distillery. We all know that Killarney is the King of the Carryout group. When (proprietor) John is not having the craic with punters, he is tirelessly chasing quality whiskey stocks and supplying Irish whiskey fans Worldwide with the same. It is no surprise that Carryout Killarney was awarded Munster Off-Licence Retailer of the Year 21/22. This Killowen Indie Cask will be their fifth bespoke single cask release.

Molly McCabe’s – Warrenpoint, Co. Down

139 bottle release. Release Date: May 24th 2022.

Cask: Recoopered Pinot Noir 70 litre Firkin.

Blended Whiskey: 6 Year Old – Cooley Distillery Single Malt.

This is the first Killowen Indie Cask to be bottled by a bar. Molly McCabe’s is the best pint house in this part of the country. It is filled with characters and craic every day of the week. This local gem is operated by Killowen Ex-Distiller, and World renowned charmer, Pearse Carr. Mollys is one of the few bars, if any, that stock every single Killowen release. Founded in 1823, Mollys will be 200 years old next year, which suits proprietor Pearse who is 34 going on 200 also! This Single Malt whiskey is a Molly’s Bar exclusive so you will need to call in to see what it and real pints of stout taste like!


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