Micil Distillery Announces Release of Four New Spirits – Including First Whiskey Releases

Galway’s Micil Distillery, have unveiled the results of 18 months of innovation and development in the distillery. Padraic and the team at the distillery have created an extensive new portfolio of products that have carryed on the momentum from the distillery’s launch of their Síolta Mhicil Cask Ownership offeringm earlier this year.

Micil Distillery sourced, finished and bottled this new range of whiskeys as well as developing unique flavour profiles through in-house blending as well as utilising some interesting cask profiles.

Micil have said that they are proud to be able to bring their 170 years of craft knowledge and resourcefulness to the whiskey category, creating exceptional Irish Whiskey with diverse flavour and distinct character.

Micil Inverin Small Batch Blended Irish Whiskey 46%abv 70cl RRP €45

The first of Micil Distillery’s new whiskeys is a five-part peated blend with a triple cask finish. Said to be inspired by Micil’s rich distilling heritage, it embodies the fruity spice of the finest Connemara ‘fuisce’ and the peat smoke of the illicit stills & kilns of Inverin. Batch 1 limited to 8,580 bottles.

Micil Earls Island Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 46%abv 70cl RRP €55

According to Micil, this whiskey is a fruity, spicy Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey enriched by Bordeaux red wine casks, with hints of soft turf smoke from ex-peated whiskey casks. It pays homage to the great Galway distilleries of the past, and to the Latin wine merchants of old who made the city their home. Batch 1 Limited to 1,140 bottles.

Micil Connemara Irish Cream Liqueur 17%abv 70cl RRP €29

Micil Irish Cream is a West of Ireland take on an Irish Classic. A luxurious blend of sweet Irish Whiskey, rich Irish cream and smooth Connemara poitín from the Micil Distillery in Galway. Inspired by an old family recipe (handwritten as Gaelige on the neck strap), and drawing on a long Connemara tradition of drinks made with cream, honey and a drop of poitín. Made using Micil Irish poitín distilled with 100% malted Irish Barley.

Micil Spiced Orange Gin 42%abv 70cl RRP €42

A reimagining of their classic gin, distilled with handpicked Connemara flowers and herbs, and enriched with vibrant orange zest and warm rounded spice. Handcrafted by the Micil family at Galway’s only distillery. Initially launched as a collaboration with Craft Gin Club UK in October 2021 where 110,000 bottles were purchased.

All products will be available from McCambridges of Galway, Celtic Whiskey Shop & online at Irishmalts.com from December 2nd 2021.

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