Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Re-Brand

It has already been an exciting year for Irish Distillers’ re-brands and it is only the 25th day of 2019.

Previously in the month, we saw a re-fresh of the Jameson original, and caskmates ranges, nevermind 2018’s re-brand of Midleton Very Rare. Well now we are seeing the much loved Barry Crockett Legacy.
The current Barry Crockett legacy recipe will apparently not change as the brand takes its new leap into the new packaging. The whiskey will still be single pot still and will still be aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and virgin American oak casks. It will however take a big step out of its familiar clothing and into the familiar packaging that also adorns the new 2017 & 2018 Midleton Very Rare expressions.

The new package will become available this Monday 28th of January, in the Republic of Ireland, and is currently available for pre-order on the Celtic Whiskey Shop’s website.

Re-designing a product takes some time and often takes several iterations before the final design is decided. Thankfully, this has already been approved by the United States’ TTB, who decide on all alcoholic packaging allowed into the United States, so be ready to see this soon. Furthermore, the TTB publishes all final decisions based on all labels that are submitted to it. Thankfully, in this case it allows us to get some insight into the design process that went into designing the new packaging.

Old School Barry Crockett Label Still Fully Approved for use. Submitted 6/March/18

New School Barry Crockett Legacy label that was surrendered by Pernod Ricard. Submitted 12/July/18.

New School Barry Crockett Legacy label that was approved for current use by the US TTB. Submitted on 16/August/18. Note how the front and back label stories have decreased between iterations.

The new whiskey will be available from the Celtic Whiskey Shop from this Monday at a retail of €250. The pack will continue in this new iteration to follow the Midleton Very Rare. It is unclear if the US will see two different packs for the whiskey this year as both styles are approved. This dual style was witnessed with the crossover of the Midleton Very Rare range. Although, this is probably doubtful as the range will mostly convert straight away.

I look forward to trying the liquid once again. If you are so inclined picking up one of the older iterations at a knockdown price (thanks to the weak British Pound) you can find them still on the Whisky Exchange  and the Masters of Malt (you will need to ship to NI to receive from this site) sites for 150 GBP saving yourself a big chunk against the Euro, at today’s exchange rates.
It’s a cool new pack and I look forward to seeing it up close and personal in the coming weeks.


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