Mitchell & Sons Green Spot & Yellow Spot – A Review


A review of Michell & Sons Green and Yellow Spot whiskeys

Lets start off with the baby of the group:

Green Spot

Colour:  Redish Gold

Nose: Pot still spice, barley, toasted oak.

Palate: Slow open, toasted wood, pot still spice.

Finish: Medium length, barley flavours still prevalent and lingering spice.

Score: 80/100

Overall I would have to say my experience with Green Spot would be characterised as “fine”. Not amazing, just fine. I was sad to find that this batch of Green Spot was completely lacking in the tremendous green apple taste that has accompanied this dram all the times I’ve had it before. That’s what happens with batch whiskeys I guess so not full marks from me by a long shot.

Yellow Spot 12 year old

Colour: Amber

Nose:pot still spice (like younger brother), barley, fruit and hints of black pepper.

Palate: Bright open, creamy and oily, pot still spice and some wine/sherry sweetness.

Finish: Long finish, wood spice and lingering dry barley.

Score: 89/100.

Much more robust in flavour. I was very pleased to be able to experience the great pot still spice that Yellow Spot delivers. Overall a well rounded and very flavoursome whiskey. A definite re-buy for me. Absolutely get why Americans are going bonkers now that it has been released in the United States.

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  1. I think you have me hooked on a new venture now. My wife thanks you. I have been toying with getting in to Irish Whiskey, but have been trying to limit myself. Oh well, feet first, any suggestions on where to start?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Brotha! You won’t regret it if you jump in! If you want to try something Pot Still Redbreast 12 is a definite. But it can be pricey so Writers Tears is much more affordable and still great! If pot still isn’t your thing Jameson Black Barrel is amazing! Blend of pot still, grain and Single Malt whiskey matured in ex bourbon 👌Lemme know how you get on!

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