Episode 3.4 – Peter Prazenka – Slovakia Market Specialist

In this episode we sit down with Peter Prazenka in Bratislava, Slovakia, as he takes us into the world of Irish whiskey in his home country. Having worked with a number of Irish brands to promote their portfolios across the country, Peter now works full time curating Slovakia's largest Irish whiskey selection in his Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar - The Izzi Pub. Listen in as Peter brings us through the facets of the Irish whiskey industry that excite him and his consumers as well as his tips for new entrant brands within the Slovak market.

Episode 3.1 – Sandy Karavanskii – Russia Market Specialist

Potstilled Radio is back with a new series where we explore the world of Irish whiskey in some of the far flung corners of the world to learn about how much do whiskey consumers globally know about the spirit of Ireland. In this episode we make our way all the way to Saint Petersburg in Russia to learn whether or not Irish whiskey is making an impact in one of the world's most famous Vodka markets!

Tullamore D.E.W. Closes Visitors Centre with Aims to Open New Experience at the Distillery

It was announced to staff at the Tullamore D.E.W. visitors centre, in Bury Quay in Tullamore, last night, that the current visitors centre in Tullamore Town is to be closed. The building, which is leased by Tullamore D.E.W.'s parent company, William Grant & Sons, by Offaly County Council has been the home to the iconic... Continue Reading →

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