Palace Bar – The First Bar to Release Dingle Single Cask Whiskey

The Palace Bar, famous Victorian era Public House on Dublin’s Fleet Street, has made history once again by being the first public house to release their own Dingle Founding Fathers Single Cask Whiskey.

The Palace Bar has become one of the must see destinations for any whiskey fan visiting the city of Dublin. With its long history of independently bottled “Palace Bar Whiskeys” and a mouthwatering array of branded Irish whiskeys, the Palace Bar is a whiskey lovers paradise.

The Palace’s independently bottled whiskeys have always been a fan favourite, with no except with their recent releases. Back in November of last year, the Palace made headlines again when they released their own 17 Year Old, Single Cask, all Sherry matured, Redbreast Single Pot Still whiskey.

Palace Bar Whiskey Redbreast 1
Palace Bar’s 17 Year Old Single Cask Redbreast

This time around the Palace has seemingly done the impossible. While they were not one of the original Founding Fathers of the Dingle Whiskey Distillery, they have negotiated a Founding Fathers’ cask from one of their long time friends and patrons who had invested in the distillery.

This new Palace Bar whiskey features a total of 201 bottles, Cask Strength Single Malt Whiskey from the Dingle Distillery. It is bottled at 58.6% ABV and is strictly available from the Palace Bar only. If you are interested in trying this whiskey for yourself, it is available by the measure at the bar for €17.50 or for those treasure seekers out there, by the bottle for €250 each.

Palace Bar Whiskey Palace Dingle.jpg
Palace Bar’s Dingle Single Cask Whiskey in the Palace Bar’s “Whiskey Palace”

At the time of bottling the Palace Bar’s Cask had just turned 5 years old and it was matured exclusively in an Oloroso Sherry Cask.

Willie Ahern, proprietor & manager of the Palace Bar, informed me that he “wanted to ensure that patrons for years to come have the ability to sample measures of the first founding fathers’ cask to be bottled by a Public House.” Willie regrets not holding onto more of the older Palace Bar independently bottled whiskeys, to allow consumers to try them years down the line.

As such, Willie was able to confirm to me that he will only be releasing 100 of the total 201 bottles of the Palace’s Dingle Cask Strength Whiskey for sale by the bottle. The rest will be retained for patrons to purchase by the glass.


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