Episode 2.7 – Irish Whiskey Auctions Co-Founder – Anthony Sheehy

Join us for another episode of Potstilled Radio, the only podcast dedicated solely to the exciting world of Irish whiskey. In this episode we travel to Dundalk, Co. Louth, to the Irish Whiskey Auctions, Ireland’s first whiskey auction website. It is here that we sat down with co-founder, Anthony Sheehy, who told about the success, trials and tribulations that he, and his wife Katie, have experienced in trying to set up a online whiskey auction site in Ireland.

Anthony tells us about how the site went from a brain wave that he had on the 21st of January 2018 to the first online whiskey auction in the country in under ten months. He explains the issues he had convincing the relevant departments of the Irish government to allow him to conduct this business in Ireland and he even gives us insight into the bizarre requests of the declaration of planning premission that he was informed that he would need for his website…. however that was supposed to work?

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