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It is the time of the year that we are prepping the Christmas stockings with gifts for loved ones and work colleagues! It can be a difficult time of year to find the perfect gift, which is why, we here at Potstilled are bringing you our Christmas gift guide for that special whiskey lover in your life.

First things first, every whiskey drinker is different. You have a different palate to me, your father-in-law likes different things to you, its just how humans work. So, in this gift guide I will not be outlining any ‘must have’ whiskeys for you, as that should be a very subjective suggestion. Instead, I will be outlining some of the best whiskey related accessories that I have found throughout the year that I think should make it into every whiskey lover’s stocking this year.

Whiskey Wood Craft

This is a company that I only discovered recently on Instagram @whiskeywoodcraft. It is a company that is owned and operated by Aussie cabinetmaker Greg, who lives in Ireland perfecting his craft. He set up Whiskey Wood Craft with the idea of taking spent ex-bourbon barrels from Irish distilleries and turning them into handcrafted, quality gifts. Greg uses the unique and intricate staining that the wood acquires from years of whiskey maturation to make pieces that really catch the eye. Each piece is sealed with natural oils for longevity also.

Prices range from €10 to €130 depending how adventurous you are feeling.

You can find out more about Whiskey Wood Craft at: www.whiskeywoodcraft.etsy.com

Whiskey Craft.ie

WhiskeyCraft.ie is another Irish company that is focusing on providing Irish whiskey consumers with top quality whiskey related gifts. The company works with a number of whiskey brands across the country to bring you both novelty and quality, branded whiskey related gifts. The products that they produce are all built to last and there is something to fit all price points. Whether you are in the market for a bound tasting journal, your own 2 litre barrel aging kit or you just fancy going the whole hog and buying an entire alembic still, whiskeycraft.ie has something for you.

Check out their entire range at: www.whiskeycraft.ie

Túath Glass

The Túath Glass is yet another Irish company, establish by the wonderful Rosi, the Túath glass is a scientifically designed Irish whiskey nosing glass. Each part of the glass was engineered with Irish whiskey in mind. The body of the glass is designed in a conical shape to funnel the aromas towards the brim. The lip of the glass itself is flared to diffuse the strong alcohol aromas and allowing the imbiber to enjoy the subtleties of Irish whiskey without any burning alcohol aromas assailing the senses. The base of the glass is actually modelled on Skellig Michael, of recent Star Wars fame, harping back to its Irish roots. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also provides a stable yet easy to hold base, which allows the whiskey to remain cool and out of the imbiber’s hand.

These can be found in a number of whiskey retail outlets across the country, including; the Celtic Whiskey Shop, Duty Free Retail in most airports as well as several distilleries.

If you want to find out more, check out: www.tuathglass.ie

The Irish Whiskey Magazine


The Irish Whiskey Magazine is my favourite whisk(e)y media outlet anywhere in the world. It is the only magazine that is dedicated solely to Irish whiskey news and reviews. Not only that, but it is one of the most beautifully designed media articles I have ever come across. There are four publications a year and the magazine offers both a subscription service as well as a gifting service, where you can purchase the entire back catalogue of issues for that special whiskey lover in your life.

The fascinating thing about this publication is the fact that all the pieces are written by industry professionals, as well as dedicated whiskey enthusiasts. This magazine gives you a real insight into the world of Irish whiskey in a very digestible format.

If you would like to find out more, check out: Irishwhiskeymagazine.com


Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder

Help develop your love of whiskey or simply choose to explore more of what the category has to offer with the Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder’s tutored whiskey tasting classes! The crew in Killarney offer tutored whiskey flights, blending classes as well as monthly Ambassador tastings. In these tastings some of the best whiskey brand ambassadors in the country to share their love of their brand with consumers in the bar and larder!

If you can’t wait for the next Ambassador tasting, make it down to central Kerry and you will be able to book yourself one of those tasting flights, blending classes or simply stop in for lunch or dinner in one of the largest whiskey selections in the country!

If this sounds right up your alley, check out: www.celticwhiskeybar.com


I hope that this gift guide has given you some ideas for this holiday season. There are some amazing products out there waiting to be dropped right into your loved ones’ Santa stockings! If you like these or have any suggestions as to what else should be included in the list, make sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Although, if you do decide that a whiskey bottle is exactly what your loved ones would like to find in their stockings this year, you can always check your local off-licence/liquor store. Should they not have the best Irish whiskey selections, there are a whole host of online retailers that will ship your orders across the island of Ireland or abroad. Check out some of our suggestions here:

Irishmalts.com (Based out of the UK)
Celticwhiskeyshop.com (Based on Dawson Street, Dublin)
Lmulliganwhiskeyshop.com (Claredon Street, Dublin)
Jamesfox.ie (Lower Grafton Street, Dublin)



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