Redbreast Rebrands Core Range


In April of this year, the first signs of a possible Redbreast rebrand appeared on the TTB’s approval forum online. This indicated that the world’s leading Single Pot Still Whiskey was going to get a face lift and that is exactly what happened. Today, Irish Distillers revealed the new look for the Redbreast range, which includes all current expressions; 12 Year, Lustau, 15 Year,  12 Cask Strength, as well as the 21 Year Old.


The new labels see the famous robin redbreast that adorns the Pot Still’s label, taking flight across the expressions of the range, opening its wing span further as the ages get older. A graphic that I am sure will be used to its highest potential by the Redbreast team in the future, I can just imagine virtual flip books, showcasing the Redbreast brand taking flight.

The range has gone live on the Redbreast, membership home, The Birdhouse. This has been a website that has appealed to the European and particularly, Irish consumers of the sherried Pot Still favourite, although, US fans rest assured, with April’s TTB approval in the bag there is no doubt you will be seeing these new birds take flight soon.

Like most rebrands, the new look has divided some of their fans, some of whom are embracing the new fresh look and many who yearn for their familiar winged whiskey friends to remain the same. I for one, am beginning to like the new look, I will hold my final verdict until I see the real thing on shelves.

The labels are not the only things that have receieved an upgrand in this new pack change. Firstly, Irish Distillers have commissioned their own bespoke bottles for this range, which feature a fetching “Redbreast” embossed across the front shoulder of the bottle. Every expression now comes with the option of a single bottle carton for gifting, with the largest emphasis put on the 21 year old which now sport an absolutely amazing looking new box.

This is the latest move from Irish Distillers in their ‘Premiumisation’ of their entire portfolio, and I for one welcome the fresh new look for the World’s most popular Single Pot Still, especially when it is delivered without a price increase.


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