Roe & Co. Release New Curators’ Series to Toast New Distillery

To celebrate the launch of their new brand home and distillery, Diageo’s Roe & Co. have released a brand new whiskey which saw category giants collaborate with bartenders and industry professionals from Ireland to create a new blended whiskey that is designed to be intriguing both neat and in a cocktail.

This new expression, which has be dubbed “Curators’ Series 0.1”, is a combination of Port Cask matured malt, re-fill American oak matured malt as well as a 3 year old first fill bourbon matured grain.

Roe & Co
Roe & Co.’s New Curators’ Series 0.1. Image rights Roe & Co.

Roe & Co.’s European Brand Ambassador, Alan Mulvihill, told us that “it is a combination of the current state of Irish whiskey. Old malt whiskey stocks with younger, new whiskey flowing through its veins.” According to Alan, this is a fantastically complex whiskey with a high malt content and intriguing tasting notes.

With the key tasting notes from the Roe & Co. team being notes of “Irish Hedgerows, crushed gorse flower, and honeyed cream” this will certainly be a whiskey that many will be intrigued to try! And if you thought these tasting notes were more reminiscent of an infused gin rather than a whiskey, you would not be alone! So rest assured, I checked! It’s definitely whiskey.

Roe and co creators.png
Roe & Co.’s New Curators’ Series 0.1. Image rights Roe & Co.

This bottling is bottled at 46% ABV and is strictly limited to 4,836 bottles, which pays homage to the amount of weeks between the closure of the original George Roe Distillery on James’ Street and the opening of the current Diageo Roe & Co. Distillery. It is now exclusively available in Ireland, through the distillery store, O’Brien’s Off-licences, assorted whiskey specialists as well as Dublin Airport.

Recommended Retail Price €54 duty paid.

To listen to Roe & Co.’s European Ambassador, Alan Mulvihill, tell all about the new venture that is Roe & Co. whiskey, listen here.


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