Potstilled Live Roe & Co. Takeover – Master Blender Caroline Martin

This Thursday the 8th of April, Potstilled Live will be taken over by Roe & Co. Irish whiskey, in one of the most interesting interviews ever had on this live stream. This stream will Premier on the Potstilled Youtube page at 8pm GMT+1 (Irish Time).

Roe & Co Master Blender, Caroline Martin, is set to retire this month following what has been a momentous 35-year career in the global drink’s industry.

From her role as Master Blender across a wide variety of whiskey brands, to being a judge at the International Spirit Challenge and International Wine and Spirit Competition, Caroline’s contribution to the world of whiskey is something to behold.

In 2017, Caroline played a pivotal role in the creation of Roe & Co. Irish whiskey. Having trialled and tested over 100 prototype blends she eventually landed on blend 106. To celebrate her upcoming retirement, Caroline will be sitting down with host (and author of this website) Matt Healy, to speak to him about the creation of Roe & Co. from design brief all the way to finished product.

They will be joined by two fantastic guests. Firstly, Lora Hemy, Head Distiller, Roe & Co. Distillery, who will give us some fantastic insight into her different distillation and fermentation techniques that she utilises to create the target flavour profiles that Caroline sets out for the blend. Secondly, Peter Simpson, Head Brewery, Guinness Open Gate Brewery, who will give us fantastic insight into the innovation projects that the Guinness Open Gate Brewery is undertaking with Caroline Martin and the Roe & Co. team!

This truly is the first time that Potstilled Live has had this calibur of guests on the show at one time! A line up of a Master Blender, Head Distiller and Head Brewer, will likely not present itself again. Furthermore, there wasn’t one fraction of the alcohol fermentation, distilation or blending process that could not have been answered by this fantastic panel!

For those of you unfamiliar with Potstilled Live this is the fortnightly live stream from Potstilled.com that focuses on the news of the Irish whiskey industry as a whole. Each episode I am joined by a different Irish whiskey industry professional to draw from their expertise and discuss the notable events and releases from the world of Irish whiskey. Each episode is sponsored by a different Irish whiskey brand. You can find all the previous episodes here, or check them out on Potstilled Live – The Podcast here, or on your favourite podcast app!


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