Teeling’s Single Pot Still – Destined for the United States

Teeling Whiskey Company have recently received approval from the United States’ Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for their Dublin born Single Pot Still to enter the United States.

As many of you will know, the TTB are the subsection of the US’ Department of the Treasury, who are responsible for the review, approval and/or denial of any and all proposed labels to be used in retail for alcoholic beverages, within the United States. Without their explicit approval, it is impossible for any foreign or domestic brands to be retailed.

Approval for any imported brand is one of the final steps before launching the approved product within the US.

In the last few weeks, Teeling Whiskey Company have received approval for their Dublin born Single Pot Still Whiskey to enter the United States. This paves the way for the first Single Pot Still whiskey to be distilled in Dublin in over 40 years, to be sold in the United States.

TTB Approved Teeling Single Pot Still label

Like its European counterpart, the whiskey appears that it will be released at 46% ABV and will receive no chill-filtration. The bottle size, will of course, be 750ml. Although, there is no word yet if this will be released in batches like the European edition.

As always with TTB approvals, the finer details can still be changed, as we witnessed recently with the impending release of JJ Corry’s Battalion in the United States.

There is no release date yet from the Teeling Whiskey Company but hopefully US based fans of the liberties based brand will not have to wait long. Keep your eyes peeled, because no doubt, Teeling Whiskey Company will be releasing their first Dublin distilled spirit with a bang when it arrives!

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