The Middle Cut Podcast – Single Pot Still Consultation Period – Irish Whiskey in Conversation

The Middle Cut Podcast & YouTube is Irish Whiskey in conversation! Join hosts Matt Healy, of Potstilled, and Matt Jones of The.Whiskey.Nerd as they discuss the current trends of Irish whiskey.

Host Matt Healy is the founder of and a ten year whiskey industry professional. Guest Host Matt Jones is a popular whiskey blogger and reviewer with the channel on YouTube, and Instagram “The Whiskey Nerd”. Together they dive into the world of Irish whiskey trending news to discuss the newest trends and give their own distinct observations and share their unique experiences in the industry.

A change of definition of Single Pot Still has been submitted to the Department of Ag in 2021 and is finally going to Public Consultation period. Listen in to the two Matts discuss the reasons why they believe that this should be completely supported by the public and whiskey drinkers alike.

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