Two Stacks Whiskey – Release Double Irish Cream Liqueur

  • Two Stacks step into into the premium cream liqueur sector
  • The first Irish cream liqueur to use a blend of 4 different styles of whiskey.
  • Using 8 times as much whiskey as the market standard.
  • Doubling the butter cream content

Two Stacks have announced the release of their “double Irish cream liqueur”. According to Donal McLynn, of Two Stacks Whiskey, this project has been in works for over a year, with the ambition to create a “luxurious, complex and most of all delicious Irish cream liqueur”. Working with the great people at Robert A Merry & Co in Clonmel, one of Ireland’s foremost cream liqueur facilities, they developed a cream liqueur that is apparently unlike anything that has come before it.

Blending 8 times the whiskey and twice the butter cream content compared to the market standard, Two Stacks claim to have pushed the boundaries with premium Irish Whiskey & Irish Cream Liqueur to make “the most indulgent drinking experience to customers.”

It may seem like Irish cream liqueur has a long historical tradition in Ireland, but one must remember that the drink was first invented only as far back as 1974’’ says Donal McLynn.

“Since then, it has reached every corner of the world, with 8.8 million 9 litre cases consumed last year. Given the products G.I. protection to Ireland, it is truly a global success story, a drink recognised and beloved by all who seek it out and its popularity continues to grow each year. But it’s only been in the past couple of years, the sector has seen a more premium offering, with smaller craft brands offering unique and exciting alternatives to the bigger players. We see more demand emerging as this trend continues’’.

Bottled at 17.5%, the blending of its contents made more unique by using the award winning Two Stacks Blenders Cut Whiskey. A combination of having 4 different styles of whiskey matured from Bourbon, Oloroso and Virgin Oak casks. The Two Stacks team included twice the amount of butter cream in the formulation. They claim that this has elevated the drinking experience to a whole new level. This increase in cream content is coupled with the presence of the 2% peated malt, which they explain is subtle enough not to overpower the taste but noticeable on how it enhances the overall complexity.

‘’We could have used a base whiskey grain spirit for the drink, but this wasn’t offering anything new to the market, we wanted to excite our customers, we wanted to offer something not tasted before. Yes, it is more expensive to produce, but this plays second fiddle to quality.”

Two Stacks Double Irish Cream Liqueur will be on release this month with an RRP £25/€30, available through our web shop and select online retailers, with nationwide listing across indie stores over the coming months.

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