Walsh Whiskey Brands Demerge from Royal Oak Distillery


Whiskey brands and distillery businesses split with immediate effect and without redundancies.

The Directors of Walsh Whiskey Distillery have decided to split the business by separating out the existing drinks brands business, built on the Writers’ Tears and The Irishman premium and super-premium Irish whiskeys, from the distillery business at Royal Oak, in Ireland’s County Carlow.

Current sales, marketing and distilling objectives are being fully met, however the Irish and Italian Directors differ on how to develop the combined business into the future.


This change will result in the Irish directors taking full control of the existing drinks brands business built on the Writers’ Tears and The Irishman brands that are among the most popular premium and super-premium Irish whiskeys in the world being sold in 50 countries worldwide. Consumers of Writers’ Tears and The Irishmanportfolio of brands are assured of their uninterrupted availability. This business will continue to trade under the name Walsh Whiskey.

Illva Saronno will take full ownership of the distillery, which is renamed “Royal Oak Distillery”. Illva’s objective is to further enhance Royal Oak as a centre of excellence in Irish whiskey making by continuously improving its technology and processes, producing all three styles, Malt, Pot and Grain under one roof, enhancing the visitor experience and achieving recognition as one of the best quality Irish whiskey producers in the market.

The separation of the businesses is effective immediately.

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    1. I’m afraid you might be a tad mistaken. That was announced one year and one day before this post rather than a day before. Organic was announced Jan 24th 2018 and this was Jan 25th 2019

      1. Weird, not sure how it showed in my feed. I’m still not sure if this is a bad thing, or how it will affect the Writers Tears and Irishman? Thanks for the clearing it up for me 😎

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