The Whiskey Companion App – The World’s first mobile app dedicated to the secondary whiskey market

The worlds first mobile app dedicated to the secondary whiskey market is now live.

This brand new app allowa you to easily keep track of the world of whiskey, your own collection status and value, giving you the unique ability to search all previous auctions and find upcoming auction lots collectors to delighted collectors and imbibers alike.

The Whiskey Companion started out as a web application in late 2019 after Founder, Carl McDermott, saw a gap in the market for a source for independent whiskey valuations and a general purpose tools for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

After the success of the website, The Whiskey Companion decided to create a mobile app to ensure users have the data they need in the palm of their hands. Whether you’re on your mobile or desktop the massive breadth of data from the Whiskey Companion is at your fingertips.

According to Founder, Carl McDermott, “The mobile app throws the ‘standard’ app design out the window and truly reimagines what a mobile application could be.”

McDermott explains that “The design draws inspiration from the Fieldnotes notebook concept; Fieldnotes refer to qualitative notes recorded by scientists or researchers in the course of field research, during or after
their observation of a specific organism or phenomenon they are studying.”

“Many collectors and enthusiasts of whiskey would have a ‘fieldnotes’ notebook of their own for meticulous note taking of tastings, tracking their collection or general notes about the whiskey they come across. We wanted to give the same feel to the app and thus The Whiskey Companion was born.”

The blue leather bound journal is aesthetically pleasing with the divider persisting throughout the app, as if turning or
tearing out pages as you navigate the app. We use some unconventional navigation, with the logo being clickable to reveal some user centric menus.

Here are some of the great features of the app

Your Vault: Where you can see what you have in your collection, and if subscribed get a quick valuation of your
total collection based on the market value. (Valuation is based on the last 3 months, if no sale in 3 months then 12 months, if no sale in 12 then all time)

Watchlist: An easy list to create of all the whiskey you’re keeping tabs on, whether it be for buying or selling, it
will give you the last 3 months and 6 months avg giving you a good indication of how the market is going and whether its the right time to buy or sell.

Wishlist: An easy to access list of all whiskey you want to buy or try.

Profile: Access your profile details (and locale settings in coming versions)
To the top right hand corner, you’ll find the menu icon which reveals another navigation area. These are the main
areas of the app.

Search: A powerful search engine to comb through the app’s extensive whiskey library. Type in a brand, distillery or
category to find what you’re looking for. It is optimized to show the most recently released whiskey first without the need for searching, so feel free to scroll through some newly released whiskey. When you click on a returned item it will bring you to the Whiskey Profile where you can view previous sales, add it to your collection, wishlist, watchlist or simply rate the whiskey for the community.

Auction Corner: With all of the auctions going on nowadays it’s hard to keep track. Not anymore. An easy to
read, intuitive calendar now shows you when all auctions are live, and when seller deadlines are. You can also click into
each auction to see their stats, buyer and seller fees and soon their live auction lots (subscribers)!

Valuation Search: The app’s powerful search engine yet again, but this time focused entirely on the app’s auction lot
tracking. With over 800,000 lots tracked the Companion team are constantly updating the app’s data and cleaning it to match all the whiskey to the same profiles. This means we can give you accurate valuations and easy to view graphs in the Valuation Profile page when you click on a lot.

News/Events: The app’s homepage where we will give you snippets and articles of what’s going on in the world of
whiskey, including new releases, updates from brands and shops and events that are announced or running such as Belfast Whiskey Week and Whiskey Live for example.

Barcode Scanner: With 600 barcodes already on record and many more being added daily, this is a handy feature
to try before searching for your whiskey. It will instantly pop back with the whiskey associated with the barcode (if

To download the app go to The Whiskey Companion or search ‘The Whiskey Companion’ on either iOS or Android app store. Please feel free to contact The Whiskey Companion with any queries or suggestions at or @thewhiskeycompanion on Instagram. All feedback, ratings and suggestions are
greatly appreciated.

Product Pricing
Free to download and use. Subscription based for valuation data.

• Initial 4 week trial, no credit card or obligation on signup

For €5 a month / €50 per year, get access to:

o All previous auction data
o Live auction lots
o Access to private discord with notifications of online retail restocks
o Wishlist/watchlist functionality

For €10 a month / €100 per year, get access to:

o All previous auction data
o Live auction lots
o Access to private discord with notifications of online retail restocks
o Wishlist/watchlist functionality
o Access to the collection valuation feature
o Early access to new features
o Import of your collection from CSV

Product Availability
Available world wide, android and iOS

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