Whiskey of the Month July – Legendary Dark Silkie

Continuing our round of up our favourite whiskeys of the month during the year of COVID 19 has brought me to a new whiskey on the block, the Legendary Dark Silkie from Sliabh Liag Distillers in Co. Donegal.

The Legendary Dark Silkie is an incredibly interesting blended whiskey, sourced by the folks at Sliabh Liag. It combines triple distilled peated malt (matured in sherry), double distilled unpeated malt (matured in ex-bourbon) coupled with grain whiskey aged in Virgin Oak casks.

On paper, this blend is already intriguing and the intrigue only continues into the glass. The combination of peated malt and double distilled malt creates a very dynamic peat profile in the glass. While the peat is not overpowering it is very present yet in both a smoky bacon/BBQ smoke which then opens to a more vegetal/medicinal peat note, which are usually found independently of each other rather than in the same glass. This coupled with the virgin oak matured grain creates a “moreish” imbibing experience.

Potstilled Tasting Notes:

Nose: caramelised brown sugar combined with honey, fresh green apples all find themselves behind a wave of the most dynamic bbq/medicinal peat smoke I’ve experienced.

Palate: bright and vibrant open. Creamy butterscotch, green apple and fresh wood sweetness come to the fore, before a mouth coating wave of peat smoke. Light tannins, vanilla and a hint of mint at the rear.

Finish: a medium length finish with a fading butterscotch and dry cocoa powder hint at the end.

This whiskey has been released at 46% ABV with an RRP €42. This is a whiskey that you can spend a large amount of time sitting with just investigating the flavours in the glass and enjoying every moment. Big props to the blending team in Sliabh Liag Distillers.

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