Episode 7 – Dick Mack’s Dingle – Finn Mac Donnell

Dick Mack's Pub in Dingle, County Kerry, is a traditional pub in, what is, the most Westerly town in Europe. While this seems like an unlikely location for a whiskey pilgrimage site, Dick Mack's, under the guidance of Finn Mac Donnell (and a helping hand from Peter White), has become one of Ireland's leading whiskey watering holes.

Episode 4: Dingle Distillery Master Distiller – Michael Walsh

Welcome back WhiskeyPhiles to another Episode of Potstilled Radio. 

This week we take a trip to the most westerly town in Ireland, Dingle, Co. Kerry. It was here that we sat down over a taoscán with the youngest Head Distiller in Ireland, Michael Walsh. It was during this conversation over a whiskey (and a microphone) that we discussed all things about the whiskeys future, how Michael rose to the position that he was in today and the insane prices that Dingle whiskeys are achieving at auction today. 

Episode 3: Clonakilty Distillery Founder – Michael Scully

In Episode three I sit down with Michael Scully, the Founder of Clonakilty Distillery, in the active work-site of his future distillery. This week we diverged from the whiskey to have a chat over a glass of Silke gin. Whilst nosing the Rock Samphire, in the gin, we had an in-depth discussion about the future of the distillery, the revival of almost extinct malting barley varieties and the process of 'slow cutting' whiskey. Listen in to episode three to find out what the town of Clonakilty, County Cork, has in store for the future of Irish whiskey. 

Episode 2: Pearse Lyons Global Spirits Ambassador – Conor Ryan

Potstilled Radio is your independent Irish whiskey podcast, brought to you by Matt Healy, chief editor of Potstilled.com.

In Episode 2, we sit down with Conor Ryan, the Global Spirits Ambassador for Pearse Lyons Distillery and discuss the amazing new own distilled whiskey coming from the Pearse Lyons Distillery, the future of the category and the amazing philanthropy of the late Dr. Lyons. 

So grab a drink, sit back and listen to the second episode of Potstilled Radio, here. 

Episode 1: Slane Whiskey Founder – Alex Conyngham

Potstilled Radio is your independent Irish whiskey podcast.

In this inaugural episode we sit down with Alex Conyngham, founder of Slane Whiskey to talk about the foundation of his new distillery, the partnership with Brown-Foreman and even rumours of ghosts in Slane Castle. 

Listen to the first episode of Potstilled Radio, here. 

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